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Registration of Sale Ads

In this section, you can consign your mine and minerals to Manamine; and sell it as soon as possible after  consulting the experts. To register ads for buying and selling minerals and mining, you can register your ad in Manamine; so that your ad will be displayed after the final approval of Manamine mining experts.

Procedures for registration of purchase and sale ads


Registering the Appeal


Examining the Appeal by the Commercial Unit


Examining the Appeal by the Technical Unit


The commercial Unit will contact the advertiser


Publishing the Advertisement on the Website and Media


Finalising the Negotiation on Demand

Contact Manamine experts for a free consultation.

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Manamine Mining Group has created an opportunity for the mining community to make their desired transaction by registering free ads and mining requirements on the Mana Mine website with the advice of mining experts. With the Manamain mineral ad registration site, you can register your ad in the shortest time and make your transaction in a secure environment.