Manamine The Mine of Miners


About Manamine

The hardest job in the world for workers is working in the mine. But this is not only for workers, but also for the entrepreneurs of this industry. It is an industry that has high risk tolerance for its workers and is a capital-intensive industry. In this industry, it is not easy to convince the the humans to work in  places far from the city without urban facilities. But this difficulty does not end only in the technical and human dimension, problems and formation such as finding and evaluating suppliers and contractors as well as buying and selling mines, or buying and selling minerals are vital and full of challenges for the activists of this industry.

Mana Madan Kian Tejarat company under the brand of Manamine, improves the technical knowledge in this field and reduce the challenges of the activists of this industry in a digital and systematic mining platform through online and offline services. Manamine aims to facilitate the communication of suppliers, contractors, activists and miners and in this way change the country’s mining industry. is a platform where a mining activist can easily and in a modern and digital environment be aware of new mining opportunities to invest in them. The producer can supply the primary minerals more easily, faster and safer than before.

Miners and investors in the field of mining can easily entrust their expert activities and registration of mining concession, mining exploration, extraction of various types of mines, processing of minerals, etc. to Manamain; and If there is a lack of fund to develop their business, they can find investors through Manamine.

you can sell through Manamine in a safe environment with good profit and have less worries about selling. In supplying and attracting suppliers, the sellers can reach a large amount of them faster, easier and more reliably and connect to the best experts.

Manamine also gives this opportunity to the capable experts so that they can get the maximum benefit from their expertise with the help of this platform

 Manamine achieves the following results for the country’s mining industry through its services:

  1. Creating a space for purchasing and selling mining and minerals to promote this industry and attract the miners.
    2. Providing specialized and executive teams for  registration, discovery, exploitation and mineral processing.
    3. Helping to attract fund and investors for those who need fund in order to discover and exploit their mine.
    4. Assisting the manufacturers in supplying the raw materials needed by the factories.
    4. Making it easier to search, evaluate, interact and cooperate between suppliers, contractors, experts and activists in the field of mining and miners.

distinctions of manamine

  1. Knowledge of the day
  2.  24-hour online support
  3.  Legal Unit
  4. Executive Team

Manamine Values

  1. Keeping customers’ secrets and information
  2.  Supporting mining industry activists
  3. Moral principles and honesty

Manamine activities

  • Purchasing and selling minerals
  • Buying and selling mines
  • Investment and supplying fund.
  • Expert services, exploration and exploitation
  • Provision of specialized teams
  • Production of specialized content and mining daily news
  • Holding events and festivals and industry and mining conferences